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Unleash YOUR MasterMIND

"No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind." - Napoleon Hill

When working in mutual support and harmony, the level of mastery that those two or more minds possess can exponentially impact the propensity for success of each individual 

Mastermind groups have been around at least since the days of Ben Franklin, but it was Napoleon Hill who coined the term “mastermind” in his book Think and Grow Rich. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically accelerate their success by leveraging each other's talent. The truth of this has been proven over and over again.

The power behind a traditional mastermind group is in bringing people together in mutual support of each other's individual success. Members of a well-formed mastermind group work together in complete harmony and trust, drawing from each other's diverse experience, specialized knowledge, and unique skills. Each member has a something different to both give and receive. As a result of this mutual support, a mastermind group can greatly increase an individual's clarity around the actions necessary for success.


Here’s how it works:
Your MasterMIND Success Group consists of exactly 6 or 8 peers (must be an even number). None of the members are in the same or a competing business. Your group officially exists for 4 Months (16 weeks). Once your group launches, membership will remain constant for the entire 16 weeks with no additions or changes. Every group member must make a solemn commitment to complete the entire process. Group members will agree to a set of standards and ethics regarding their participation and interactions within the group.

Your group will meet every week for 2 hours. Meetings can be in person, by phone or a combination. At least one  meeting per month should be in person. Your MasterMIND Facilitator-Coach will manage all meetings.

Typically, there are 4 phases to the program:

Phase 1: Formulation
This is the period during which the group membership is being identified. This is explained in detail below. Phase 2 begins once the group is filled.

Phase 2: Discovery Session  (weeks 1-2)                  Initial sessions help members discover their personal strengths and weaknesses and learn the different thought processes and how other members may think differently.

Phase 3: Practicum Phase (weeks 3-14)
Focused primarily, though not exclusively, on your personal development using the Managing Your 6 Advisors™ personal development practicum. This process entails learning and applying the scientific principles and practices of 6 Advisors in the context of your business, project or life with the support of your Facilitator-Coach and partners.

Phase 4: Mastery Phase (week 15-16)                      In the Mastery Phase, we raise the bar significantly. Having undergone an extraordinary process of personal growth, it's time to master the application of the learned principles to accelerate your success and achievement.   With the entire MasterMIND group now elevated to a new level of clarity, insight and skill, the power of the MasterMIND to catapult and support your success is compounded. Now, it's time to go to work, in an even bigger, more intense way, on the success of your business. Again, with the full support of both your Facilitator and your group partners.

Imagine having a private, trusted, unbiased group of peers with which to consult, share ideas, and explore possibilities regarding your business, your aspirations, and challenges...

...all while working within the context of the world's most effective process of personal growth and development...

... and with one of the world's leading coach-facilitators.


Top 12 Benefits

of being in a
6 Advisors™ MasterMIND
Success Group


You will be listened to in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

You will develop greater access to your natural brilliance and talents.

You will measurably reduce or eliminate sabotaging habits of mind.

You will measurably develop greater clarity of purpose, process, and principle.

You will measurably develop greater leadership and communication skills.

You will accelerate your own development while supporting others in their development.

You will be motivated by your own success and the successes of others in your group.

You will be motivated by holding others and being held accountable for results.

You will have a forum for getting unbiased feedback and advice from peers with a diverse mix of perspective and experience.


A 6 Advisors™ MasterMIND Success Group exponentially increases the benefits of a traditional mastermind group.

For over 4 years, 6 Advisors Coaches have been helping thousands of leaders, individuals and organizations tap into their greatest talents, transcend their “weaknesses” and achieve their aspirations at unprecedented levels. By utilizing ground-breaking, scientific principles and time-tested methodologies, the 6 Advisors process measurably impacts a person’s capacity to consistent think better, make better choices and take more effective action.

The 6 Advisors process goes well below personality and        

 behavioral approaches to the very thought processes that either support or sabotage maximum success in any and all areas of life and work. When the personal mastery of each individual member increases it naturally compounds the positive impact of the MasterMIND for all the members creating a quantum leap in the MasterMIND group members' propensity for success.

A 6 Advisors MasterMIND Success Group integrates the best-practices of a traditional mastermind with the awesome power of the 6 Advisors personal development system under the professional guidance of a 6 Advisors Certified Coach.


Group Formulation

"The company you keep, inside and out,
will determine the success you create outside and in."

- Peter Demarest

It is important that the group members view each other as respected peers and that the group contains some diversity of experience, knowledge, and perspective. The greater the mutual respect and trust members have for each other, the greater the propensity for success.

The initial member(s), with help from the Facilitator, determines the desired profile of the other group members. The groups are then formed, primarily by the Founder and other group members inviting people they know or know by reputation to be part of the group and introduces them to the Facilitator-Coach who works with the candidates to bring them into the group.


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